My Health Journey...


My Journey...I grew up as an emotional eater. I had a poor self-esteem, and a tumultuous childhood that I sought escape from daily. By the 5th grade, I weighed 150lbs. In the picture on the left, I was in High School weighing my all time high of 250lbs (playing the character Smee in Peter Pan). I was always very active, playing many sports and dancing but an underactive thyroid coupled with poor eating habits led to obesity.

I vowed to change my life when I went away to college. I lost the majority of my weight in college, mostly by surrounding myself with a positive environment. I worked hard at being the best I could on all levels. I became a vegetarian, followed by veganism for 7yrs. Perhaps due to lack of nutritional guidance my health was declining. My doctor advised me to eat meat again. Through further investigation, I discovered that Type O blood types (which I am) have a harder time without meat than Type A/B Blood types. Either way, at the time, less options for organic, grass fed meats, which is what I wanted to eat, were easily attainable, if at all. Through trial and error and waves of self-education, I continually strive to eat better.

Physically, I became more careful with the type of activity I was doing in order to prevent injury. After college, I threw my back out, most likely due to stress. This made me even more cautious. My back went out again and I knew that after I went to the chiropractor, I had to strengthen my body somehow. I remembered attending Pilates classes while dancing, and I tried finding classes in my vicinity. The classes I found were great but I just couldn't get enough. That is when I decided to become certified. I figured if I did nothing beyond taking the courses, I would be taught how to strengthen my body and get a workout in the process.

I was right. I lost another 10lbs, toned up and gained a valuable skillset to help others get fit. I am still learning and working to maintain better overall health in every area of my life: spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially and mentally. I reckon that this will be a life's journey.

Before and After (During)

...the picture on the right was taken last year at my good friend Liz's wedding. It has been over a year that I have refrained (with few and rare exceptions) from the consumption of sugar.

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