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Our Teachers

  Welcome. We are here to help you find your way to a better life. We all have our struggles but there is always hope for change. Be inspired and become part of our story. Whether it's growing your voice, finally learning to play the piano or shaping up your body, you came to the right place.

Tara Kavanagh (Pilates)


   Tara received her training at the Pilates Academy International in NYC. She first discovered Pilates while dancing and pursuing a career in performance. She began movement classes at an early age, continuing to Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Tap, and continuing to branch out to lesser known practices including: Mitzvah Technique, Feldenkrais, Danskinetics, Alexander Technique, and Delcrose Eurythmics. 


  Although Tara maintained an active lifestyle, she was obese. Determined to change, she lost 100lbs and continues to seek the best health options for her body, mind and spirit. It is her joy to help others discover their road to recovery. She is a natural born encourager and has a passion for helping people. Her life experiences inform her teaching style, which she desires to improve constantly.   

Deirdre Helbling ​(Yoga 4 Serenity)


   Deirdre Helbling is a certified Yoga instructor, as well as owner of an HVAC company. She brings with her the experience and wisdom gained from multiple careers as a single mom, realtor, mortgage loan officer and executive secretary at WEA Int'l and Atlantic Records. After many years of practicing yoga, she completed an intense training program at the Yoga Teacher's Training Institute in Queens, NY, earning her 200hr teacher's certification.

     Deirdre had a turbulent and painful childhood with an alcoholic father.  It left her with the fear of not being good enough and a perfectionistic mentality suffering with insecurity, guilt, anxiety and depression.  Deirdre holds a NAMI certification (mental illness workshop) and a Yoga4Sobriety certification. She has completed Celebrate Recovery, a Christ centered 12-step program.

Fay Eikenes (Guest Pilates Instructor) 


     Fay has been teaching classical mat Pilates since 2003 but over the years has developed her own unique interpretation of Joseph Pilates.  Every class with Fay is never the same but always builds upon the foundation of the Pilates philosophy.


     Fay is also a Registered Dietitian whose focus is on wellness.  This is  why she loves Pilates:  the movement, the core strength and the breathing all come together to heal the body and mind if healing is needed or to maintain one’s health through the practice.  Fay continually talks the students through each class while participating in the class to model each exercise.  Music is always used as background or to anchor the movement with the beat.  You will be encouraged in class, leave feeling stronger and uplifted, while feeling part of a community.

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