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The Studio

   The Studio is a space intended to release creativity, relieve stress and challenge us to grow into a better self.


  Pilates is our main focus. It helps to strengthen your core and prevent injuries. Classes can easily be adjusted to suit both the beginner and the more advanced student. Aside from feeling better, clients normally find their posture improving and normal activities becoming easier. Many clients notice an increase in body definition; gaining muscle, loosing fat. 

  One of the most important aspects of good Pilates practice is being aware of your body. Every day our bodies feel different and we need to adjust to what our body is telling us. Something that was difficult yesterday can be easy today and vice versa. At our studio, we help foster this idea, helping to challenge while simultaneously being aware of our limitations.

Yoga4Sobriety (Yoga for Healing)


   Yoga for Healing helps the student cultivate self love, acceptance and a state of well being. It is open to anyone who is dealing with unresolved  trauma, shame, guilt, fear and/or anger. It is also for those dealing with life's day to day struggles. Self confidence, self-esteem, clarity of mind, joy and peace are some of the benefits of this practice.

   Our program is based on the Yoga4Sobriety training that is a supplemental tool to those already in a recovery program but you do not have to have an addiction to participate. Our goal is to bring students to a deeper understanding of their own bodies as they learn to handle surfacing emotions. It integrates chakra based poses along with the language of 12 step recovery to help students become aware of what is going on in their bodies and minds and how to find comfort without reliance on past hurts, habits and hang-ups.





  Coming Soon...

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